Electric Lady Electrofies The House of Blues

Janelle Monae

photo by Marc Baptise

Janelle Monae had the house all the way turned up, electrified, and funktified all at the same time. Leaving no doubt in the minds of anyone who thought this small sized beauty couldn’t hold her own. Though she came in peace, her music caused some rhythmic (and not so rhythmic from the looks of the guy dancing next to me) convulsions.

Set design – all black and white.

Band’s look – Musicians dressed in white lab jackets while her background vocalists dawned black and white striped 60’s styled tops with black legging.

Music/Sound/Sight – All the instruments were well blended. I did take issue with the lighting during some of the songs because they seemed like they were out of place from time to time, but that’s just me. Hell, those kind of things really don’t matter when the rest of your body is movin’ and groovin’. I will say that the electric guitar player was so freakin’ awesome that I wondered from time to time if he was that purple paisley man…….you know who I’m talking about. He put the jaaaaaaaaam in jaaaaaamin’ (that was not a typo!). Janelle’s vocals were powerful yet sweet and majestic. She stopped to diffuse a situation that was happening in front of the stage, and asked the parties involved to hug. They did, and the party kept on going. GIRL POWER ROCKS!!!

She did all of my favorites Cold War, Electric Lady, Tightrope, Dance Apocalyptic, Q.U.E.E.N, and more. I’m sorry for not listing her set, but I was jammin’ so don’t judge me.

Opening Act – Roman GianArthur. Another new force in the industry. He started out with a song that was a blend of Prince and James Brown, sprinkled in a cover of “Bag Lady”, and hit us with a seductive bassy tune called “I-69”.  The only downfall was him ending with a cover song. I would suggest ending with “I-69”; however, I honestly can’t wait to hear more from this guy.

Mr. and Miss TSU Need Your Help!


The royal duo hopes to push Texas Southern University to the top in the Verizon Ultimate Reign Competition. Their goal is to capture the $10,000 top prize and use the funds to support a local community service initiative.

Click here to find out more and vote now http://www.tsu.edu/Life_at_TSU/Student_Services/CampusRoyalty.php

Does An Eargasm Count?!

Petrice and Brothers Osborne I walked in and these brothers were telling everyone to, “Mix It with Rum”. That’s when I new I was in the right place with the right kind of people.

The Brothers Osborne hit The New 93Q studio today, and I thought I was in music heaven. No frills and thrills with these guys, just some good ol country. That hip slappin’, foot stompin’ kind of sound that tells a story so vivid it all plays out in your mind as they sing. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite song, but I must say that “Love the Lonely Out of You” made it hard for me to keep my ………..boots on. Ladies, this song should come with a warning sign! The soft strumming of the guitars during this song took me to a place y’all. Let’s just say I had a musical eargasm that I did not want to end. If you’re ready for your own eargasm, DO NOT miss them live. https://www.facebook.com/BrothersOsborne

Petrice  and Krystal KeithIn the words of my grandmother, “that girl can sang!”

I had the pleasure of hearing Krystal Keith this morning at the 93Q studio, and all I can say is WOW! She has such a soulful flare mixed with that true country sound that reminds me of the greats that you never get tired of hearing. Krystal did a rendition of Son Of A Preacher Man that took me to church. Can I get a amen?! Krystal’s voice will convert those who claim they are not really in to country music.

You will do yourself an injustice if you miss out on Krystal Keith http://www.krystalkeith.com/

The True Splendor of Taiwan

I was on top during my visit to Taiwan!

Sun Moon Lake in Puli, Taiwan

The high mountains covered in greenery overlooking the valley on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side. The bus ride it took to get into the mountains was something I was not prepared for, but the scenery was well worth the trip. The rain hindered our planned hot air balloon ride; however, we were able to enjoy a nice cup of red oolong tea at a local tea shop in Taitung County where the annual Balloon Festival takes place. I really don’t know what I enjoyed more, the overview from the mountains or the drive out of the mountains along the east coast of Taiwan. Three layers of blue with the darkest shade furthest away, rock formations that makes the imagination run wild with as far as interpretation, and the peace that comes from hearing the waves crash ashore.

I don’t know why Taiwan has yet to be deemed one of the most attractive vacation destinations with its splendor of beautiful landscape, friendly people, and enough flavorful food to please the most finicky eater.

Visit Taiwan and see why it’s known as “The Heart of Asia”

For more information about Taiwan, go to http://www.taiwan.net.tw/