Does An Eargasm Count?!

Petrice and Brothers Osborne I walked in and these brothers were telling everyone to, “Mix It with Rum”. That’s when I new I was in the right place with the right kind of people.

The Brothers Osborne hit The New 93Q studio today, and I thought I was in music heaven. No frills and thrills with these guys, just some good ol country. That hip slappin’, foot stompin’ kind of sound that tells a story so vivid it all plays out in your mind as they sing. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite song, but I must say that “Love the Lonely Out of You” made it hard for me to keep my ……… on. Ladies, this song should come with a warning sign! The soft strumming of the guitars during this song took me to a place y’all. Let’s just say I had a musical eargasm that I did not want to end. If you’re ready for your own eargasm, DO NOT miss them live.